1. No keep nets allowed other than in matches
  2. All fish (other than silver fish) must be landed by the use of a landing net.
  3. BARBLESS hooks with appropriate line strength and tackle suitable for the water being fished, must be used at all times.
  4. No fish to be introduced/removed from any Club waters.
  5. No member under 16 years is allowed to fish any club waters without being accompanied AND supervised by an adult.
  6. All members to act as bailiffs and must be in possession of their current membership card and EA rod licence.
  7. No more than two rods to be used by any Club member at any time.
  8. No member or day ticket holder is allowed to fish on Fridays after 12.00 noon during the match season. Match dates will be posted on the notice board at Clobryn and on the Club website.
  9. No ground bait allowed at Clobryn pool.
  10. No bloodworm or joker is allowed.
  11. The use of Hempseed  is allowed.
  12. No alcohol, tins of sweetcorn, luncheon meat etc; should be taken to Club waters.  Please use proper bait containers.
  13. Night fishing is permitted at the Clobryn pool by Club members only.
  14. All litter, excess bait and waste tackle must be taken home and not left on Club waters or land nearby. Anyone in breach of this rule will be required to appear before the Club Committee.
  15. The gate to the car park at Clobryn must be kept locked at all times.