The first of the 15 Friday evening matches for Club members start on 3rd May, 2019 at Clobryn pool, Llanddulas for three trophies.  Results of each match and the winners of each trophy will be published on this page a few days after the matches have been completed.
Four Saturday matches of five hour duration are then held over the following couple of months and their details can be found on the Fixtures page.  Again, results will be published below.


The Clobryn Shield is the first trophy being competed for in the new season.  It comprises five Friday evening matches, the first of which took place on 3rd May, 2019  resulting in –

1st  –  Lawrence Titchener (Titch) – 20-15-0.

2nd – Kevin Dixon – 12-14-0.

3rd – Keith Potter – 11-02-0.   He caught the heaviest fish, a carp weighing 7-10-0.


The second match of the series took place on the evening of Friday 10th May this year with following result:-

1st  – Titch – 17-14-0.

2nd – Chris Gregory – 14-14-0.

3rd –  Adam Ferguson – 8-15-0.           Peter Langford caught the heaviest fish, a carp weighing 7-6-0.


The third match was fished on the evening of Friday 17th May last resulting in:

1st  – Lewis Ferguson – 28-10-0.  Caught the heaviest fish, a carp weighing 7-11-0.

2nd – Lawrence Titchener – 14-05-0.

3rd – Chris Gregory – 14-02-0.