Friday evening matches at Clobryn will consist of 3 series of 5 legs.  The best 4 out of 5 results to count for points that will be awarded as follows:

1st position – heaviest aggregate weight – 15 points.

2nd – heaviest aggregate weight – 14 points.

3rd – heaviest aggregate weight – 13 points, and so on to 1 point for 15th.

All competitors will receive 5 points for attendance in addition to the above.

Only members can fish Club matches.  Due to the limited number of pegs at Clobryn, priority will be given to members who have previously fished the matches.  Others will be placed on a waiting list and given a place when one becomes available.  Should there be a vacant place on individual matches, members can join in before the match starts.  No member will be permitted to pleasure fish during any match.

  1. Small quantities of ground bait can to be used in matches via pole cups, in feeders etc but no balling in.
  2. NO pre-baiting and no floating baits on the hook to be used.
  3. Keep nets to be in water before the all in signal. Anglers must ensure that all keep nets are thoroughly dry before use.
  4. Fishing to commence and cease when signal given.
  5. Only 1 rod/pole to be used at any time during a match.
  6. If all pegs are taken, corner pegs shall fish in front or to the right of themselves.
  7. ALL litter and excess bait must be taken home after each match.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in that member’s result being disqualified.